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The Shipley project: treating food allergy to prevent criminal behaviour in community settings.

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Personal Authors: Bennett, C. P. W., McEwen, L. M., McEwen, H. C., Rose, E. L.
Author Affiliation: Centre for Complementary Health Studies, University of Exeter, UK.
Editors: No editors
Document Title: Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine


Nine children (7-16 years old) with persistent anti-social, disruptive and/or criminal behaviours were assessed and treated for food intolerance and allergy. All were found to have a number of food allergies or intolerances and mineral imbalances, particularly in Zn. Three showed marginally raised Cd while 1 had considerably raised Cd. The children remained at home in the care of their parents while undergoing a restrictive dietary regime with the avoidance of identified problem foods. The health and behaviour of all 9 subjects improve physically and psychologically. However, 3 children abandoned the dietary regime, 2 of whom re-offended and were placed in care while the third moved home and accepted enzyme-potentiated desensitization treatment. He and the other 6 continued to improve in health, behaviour and school performance over 6 months. In the following 18 months, 2 more re-offended but with reduced frequency and violence than before the project. After 2 years, 5 of the 9 had not re-offended. The feasibility of applying nutritional and biochemical assessment and treatment in the community to divert young offenders and disruptive school children from criminal behaviour was demonstrated.

It was suggested that criminal justice, education and health agencies could incorporate and develop this approach in furtherance of their statutory objectives.


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