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  2. This site boasts being the “Largest Online Internet Safety Program.”  A Parent’s Guide to the Internet, Anatomy of a Pedophile, and Sophia’s Safe Surfing Club are a few of the link options of this site.   An all-around excellent site for concerned parents and teachers.
  3. GOCIAP:  Guarding Our Children’s Innocence Against Pedophiles
  4. This site was created by an individual who was molested when younger.  It gives good descriptions of the traps used by pedophiles to lure children in and keep them quiet about what is happening.  It contains some questionable language, but is very upfront as far as what parents need to know to keep their children safe.
  5. PedoWatch
  6. Parents will be particularly interested in the Parenting link, which provides “information parents should know when considering how much access to the Internet to allow their children. Includes advice for schools with computers.”
  7. SafeKids.Com
  8. Links include: Kids’ Rules for Online Safety, What Are the Risks?, Guidelines for Parents and Privacy Issues
  9. SafeTeens.Com
  10. Developed specifically for teens, links on this site include: Staying Safe Online, Protecting Your Privacy, Computers and the Internet, Links for Teens, Articles About Teen and Child Safety Online and Know The Rules (a public awareness campaign about general safety for teenage girls).
  11. SmartParent.Com
  12. This outstanding resource is for parents wanting to become more aware and prevent their kids from encountering some of the dangers present in cyberspace.
  13. The Parent’s Guide to the Information Superhighway: Rules and Tools for Families Online
  14. This site gives general information regarding kids and the Internet.  It includes a link to child safety on the Internet.


Sites indicating the point of view of pedophiles:

  1. CS Pedophilia


This site is a personal piece of writing about pedophilia.  It goes into the different types of pedophiles that seem to exist.   The author discusses allowing himself to be in a pedophile situation when he was a young boy.

  1. NAMBLA:  North American Man Boy Love Association
  2. This statement, created by Roy Radow, supports the belief that government should not be involved in deciding at what age children should be allowed to explore their sexuality.  Taking up many arguments that teenagers might feel strongly about, the group feels that people should be able to experiment with sex at any age with any gender as long as their is consent between participants.
  3. The Pedophilia Survey
  4. This site offers a survey for pedophiles to take.   It also offers the results of the survey.  They purpose lies in getting to know more about general pedophile characteristics


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