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  1. Pedophilia, hebephilia, and the DSM-V.
  2. 335-50 The term pedophilia denotes the erotic preference for prepubescent children. The term hebephilia has been proposed to denote the erotic One possibility would be to replace the diagnosis of Pedophilia with Pedohebephilia and allow the clinician to specify one
  3. Jun 1, 2009 Cached Was this helpful?
  4.  A Profile of Pedophilia: Definition, Characteristics of Offenders, Recidivism, Treatment Outcomes, and Forensic Issues — Mayo investigations of sexual acts with children have increased public awareness about pedophilia. Because of this increased awareness it is important for physicians to understand pedophilia its rate of occurrence and the characteristics of pedophiles and sexually abused children.;82/4/457 Apr 1, 2007 Was this helpful?
  5. Abnormal amygdala activation profile in pedophilia. 271-7 Despite considerable public interest research in neurobiological correlates of pedophilia is scarce. Since amygdala activation is central for emotional valuation activation profile of this structure in 10 male subjects with pedophilia (exclusively attracted to boys) all convicted sex-offenders Aug 1, 2008 Cached Was this helpful?
  6.  Pedophilia Often in Headlines, But Not in Research Labs — Arehart-Treichel 41 (10): 37 — Psychiatr News 12-year-old Polly Klaas one gets the impression that pedophilia is a pervasive and pernicious problem in the United States. And while there are no hard epidemiologic data to confirm this perception pedophilia experts tend to agree that the assumption reflects reality. May 19, 2006 Was this helpful?
  7. Mayo Clinic Proceedings Special Article:A Profile of Pedophilia: Definition Characteristics of Offenders Recidivism Treatment Outcomes and Forensic Issues Ryan C. W. May 7, 2009 Cached Was this helpful?
  8. Compulsive sexual behavior – socially unacceptable or illegal sexual act such as fetishism or pedophilia. Conventional forms of compulsive sexual behavior though are simply They’re often used only in cases of compulsive sexual behavior that is dangerous to others such as pedophilia. May 14, 2009 Cached Was this helpful?
  9. Comparison of personality traits in pedophiles, abstinent opiate addicts, and healthy controls: considering pedophilia as an add 829-37 To investigate the model of pedophilia as a disorder of addictive behavior pedophiles and chemically addicted individuals were compared on personality Such similarities support the conceptualization of pedophilia as a behavioral addiction. Pedophiles may be less impulsive Nov 1, 2008 Cached Was this helpful?
  10. Review of Medical Reports on Pedophilia — Hughes 46 (8): 667 — Clinical Pediatrics Medline on pedophilia. The first discussion is the history of the disorder from ancient Greece to the present time especially One important question is the relationship between homosexual pedophilia and adult homosexuality. Evidence for and against this relationship is presented. Oct 1, 2007 Cached Was this helpful?
  11. What Does Left Hand Know That Right Hand Doesn’t? — Arehart-Treichel 44 (6): 22 — Psychiatr News been linked with a mental disorder considered more psychosocial than biological in origin—pedophilia. James Cantor Ph.D. So since left-handedness and ambidexterity have been linked with certain neurodevelopmental disorders schizophrenia PTSD and pedophilia what might that link be? Mar 20, 2009 Was this helpful?
  1. 10   MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Child abuse – sexual
  2. A small group of repeated abusers have the psychiatric disorder pedophilia. Their preferred sexual contact is with children.



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