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Save Children from TV

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Kids healths are always under developing and in this stage TV watching is not good for health. Many well-known child experts opinions is that kids  as young as two ought to not be allowed to watch too much TV, for it can do more harm than good to their ongoing development. One of the leading child experts, Professor Dimitri A Christakis, from the Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the University of Washington, USA, has expressed considerable concerns about DVDs aimed at infants that claim to be beneficial.

During the 25-year review of more than 78 studies, Christakis got those nine in ten babies under the age of two watches TV regularly, despite the fact that ongoing warnings and a number of waste as much as 40% of their waking hours in front of a TV. During the year 2007 survey conducted more than 1,000 families, parents said that they let their infants watch TV as they thought it was “good for their brains”. However, watching TV shows or DVDs aimed at infants can, in fact, delay language development. On the other hand, a Thai research had shown if kids under 12 months watched TV for above two hours per day they were six times more likely to get delayed language skills. On the same topic, a different study got that babies who watched baby DVDs between 7 and 16 months knew fewer words than kids who did not. An additional study for the same, the researchers observed the effects of early TV viewing on cognitive development at school age. They got that kids that had watched much TV in their early years did not perform when they underwent tests to check the reading and memory skills.

Professor Christakis says, as possible explanation, “the fact that it exposes children to flashing lights, scene changes, quick edits and auditory cuts which may be over stimulating to developing brain.” He added, “TV also replaces other more important and appropriate activities like playing or interacting with parents”. So, parents don’t allow your children to watch more TV shows. In stead of watching TV you may play with them for their better development.


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