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  1. TV Puts Children At Risk For Behavior Problems

    2 Oct 2007 Daily television viewing for two or more hours in early childhood can lead to behavioral problems and poor social skills, according to a
  2. Obese Children’s Appetites Increased By 134 Percent After Watching

    25 Apr 2007 A ban on junk food advertising around children’s television programmes was introduced in the UK in January 2007 yet surveys have shown that
  3. Reducing Children’s Viewing Of Violent TV

    11 Apr 2009 A team of Oregon State University researchers has successfully implemented a classroom-based intervention that reduces the amount of violent
  4. Children Viewing Adult-targeted TV May Become Sexually Active

    5 May 2009 Early onset of sexual activity among teens may relate to the amount of adult content children were exposed to during their childhood,
  5. Language Use Decreases In Young Children And Caregivers When

    4 Jun 2009 Children served as their own experimental controls, meaning that the natural variation within each child’s daily television exposure was
  6. Australian Medical Association Calls For Ban Of Junk Food

    5 May 2009 “The Australian Communications and Media Authority must decide to prohibit advertising of unhealthy foods in children’s television viewing
  7. Consistent, Frequent TV Viewing Causes Behavior Problems

    6 Oct 2007 In the new study, “Children’s Television Exposure and Behavioral and Social Outcomes at 5.5 Years: Does Timing of Exposure Matter?
  8. TV has negative impact on very young children’s learning abilities

    6 Jul 2005 Television viewing before the age of three may have adverse effects on subsequent cognitive development, according to a study in the July
  9. Is TV Harming Our Children’s Health?

    19 Feb 2007 A UK scientist says too much television and computer screen watching is damaging children’s health and development.
17 Aug 2006 Children can experience a soothing, painkilling effect by watching TV, say scientists from the University of Siena, Italy.


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